Top 10 Reasons Wicker Rattan Furniture Belongs on your Patio

Posted by Joshua J. on 4th Sep 2015

Top 10 Reasons Wicker Rattan Furniture Belongs on your Patio

    Top 10 Reasons Wicker Rattan Furniture Belongs on your Patio

    Browsing the internet for the right material for your backyard furniture can be a daunting task. Teak wood or wicker? Rod iron or Upholstered? So many choices! So why buy wicker furniture? Here I have laid out the key features of wicker furniture and the top 10 reasons why wicker patio furniture is the best option for your backyard.

    Quick Terms: Terms generally used synonymously

    Wicker - refers to the weaving method used to handcraft the furniture.

    Rattan - is a term used to describe the synthetic material used in the furniture making process.

    1. Ultra Durable

      Furniture is made to be used. . . and if you like to entertain it is going to be used a lot. Everything that is put into rattan furniture is made to withstand everything one can throw at it. Weight? Weather? Rust? All of these are irrelevant because rattan furniture is built to tolerate the extremes of the outdoors.

    2. Lightweight

      Customarily, outdoor furniture that is created in the synthetic wicker fashion is tightly weaved around an aluminum frame. This makes the furniture very light. The ability to adjust your furniture can be accomplished in the absence of professional movers. Couches, loveseats and armchairs can be moved individually without any back-breaking work.

    3. Modern and Classic Design

      Wicker patio furniture has experienced a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. Everywhere you go you can't seem to escape an encounter with rattan furniture. Interior/ Exterior designers purchase wicker furniture for their clients because of its many features; mainly because of its modern design. Hotels, Lounges, restaurants, and millionaire homes include wicker furniture to supplement the modern atmosphere of their venues. On the other hand, there are more classic designs of rattan furniture that resemble the vintage style weaving.

    4. UV resistant

      Have you ever heard of PE? No, not the dreaded class in middle school where everyone had to run the mile. I am talking about PE as in the acronym for polyethylene. Why is this important? Because it is the material used in synthetic wicker patio furniture that is excellent at blocking damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. The more UV rays the rattan wicker can withstand the longer your furniture will last.

    5. Scratch resistant

      Pets are a joy to have around the house, except when they seek to damage everything you want to keep sound. However, this is not a problem when it comes to rattan wicker. The heavy duty material is designed not to tear or cut easily. Resistance to your household pets can leave you with a piece of mind knowing that your wicker will not be ruined by your furry friends.

    6. Strong Aluminum Frame

      Aluminum, by definition, is lightweight and also very strong. People can sit and stand on the furniture without damaging the frame. Furniture that is made with an aluminum frame is also rust resistant which adds to the lifespan of the furniture. Corrosion due to exposure to the elements can be very detrimental to your patio set.

    7. All-weather

      The most stand out feature of synthetic wicker or rattan wicker furniture is its ability to withstand all of the outdoor elements. Whether (no pun intended) it be sun, rain, snow or hail you can rest assured that your furniture will be looking as good as the day you bought it. That is why it earns the name all-weather wicker!

    8. Versatile style and color

      Routine can be boring and so can furniture if it is allowed to look the same. Don't let that happen to your backyard! Resin wicker furniture is versatile in a way that allows the style of fabrics to be change as often as the seasons. Customarily, wicker furniture is designed in neutral colors to complement a wide range of fabric colors. No matter what color entertains your tastes wicker is the best choice to make your backyard pop.

    9. Hand Crafted

      It is interesting to see the process of how wicker furniture is made. Each strand of wicker is hand woven to ensure quality and precision. As it is wrapped around the aluminum frame it contours to the frame leaving a seamless and stylish finish.

    10. Maintenance Free

      When it comes time to entertain your friends and family in your backyard you don't want to worry about cleaning everything, especially your patio furniture. Rattan wicker furniture is amazing because it is virtually maintenance free! No cleaning supplies are required for clean up because water will wash away everything. Most cleaning products are harsh upon the wicker and will strip away the nice polyethylene barrier that protects the furniture. Simply spray off any unwanted dust, dirt, or grime and if needed use a damp cloth to finish the job. Easy!


    All-weather wicker furniture has many beneficial features that produce a great atmosphere to entertain friends and family outdoors. It's great against the elements, lightweight, and is virtually maintenance free. If you are looking to upgrade your backyard, make sure you consider the contemporary styles that wicker patio furniture has to offer.

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